Sunday, November 20, 2011

Free People Free Choice

There are so many options available to us these days it's incredible.
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Sunday, January 2, 2011

#12 It's Not Right Yet

12 It’s Not Right Yet

I want to figure skate around your ring finger
I’ve been working on my double axel

I want to leave chunks of my voice in your car
I’ve been in re-writes about what I’ll say

I want to package my breath and deliver it to your eardrum
I’ve been looking for the right box

I don’t know how else to say it.
I can’t tell you any other way
I am fearful that you’ll forget me

I want to melt into your skin like a mini me tattoo
I’ve been stuck between black and white or color

I want to mold my mouth into a luminescent plaster with a ring for your keys
I’ve been indecisive on the right amount of pursing

I want to write you a poem that tells you I love you
I’ve been juggling words like a deranged circus performer

I am so scared you’ll forget me

#11 Step On a Crack

11. Step On A Crack

Step on a crack you’ll break your mothers back
What if you belly flop onto the sidewalk in an aerobatic drunken stooper?
What happens then?

All the child bearing women on my family tree have been back broken and heart broken
All of their children have accidentally, purposely, drunkenly, and casually stepped on cracks.

This will not happen to me.
Oh I will have children.
I’m just going to be prepared

Since yesterday morning I’ve began drinking pixie dust out of helium balloons while sitting backwards on the wings of condors so the force of the air may familiarize itself with my spine. I stopped only briefly to rest on satellites and inhale antigravity space matter.

I carried with me an eye dropper and a vile.
Drip by drip it will be filled with drops of everything I find.
Every sunrise I will rise from my bed and inject heavens weightless liquid gas into my womb

When the time is right
I will conceive
And he will be perfection
He will write and create and dream like no one ever has
He will change the world
He will float
I will stand up straight and prideful
I will beam with love and zeal
His feet will never graze the earth
he will never step on a crack
and he will never break my heart

Saturday, January 1, 2011

#10. Vision

10 Vision

It happens every time I see you
My eyes water
My eyes water like sunscreen has just slid down my forehead and bleached into them and I decided to dive into the pool anyway
Like when I get into the pool my answer is to open them underwater and allow the chlorine to scrape my cornea with its grainy goodness
Like this pool is a torture cupcake and the icing is made of jellyfish that slap my pupils with their slimy tentacles and pull blood from my optic nerve that contains all of my secret visions
That blood that holds things only I’ve seen
Myself naked after a run
My mother crying because she isn’t perfect
My father failing
My brother breaking

I just thought you should know
It happens every time I see you

#9 Where You Sleep

9. Where You Sleep

Last night she fell asleep in the middle of the road.
She wasn’t driving.
Her bed was in the middle of the road.
She was too tired to move it.

She had invited him over but assumed he wouldn’t come
When he crawled into the sheets next to her, like the erotic fantasies crawl across her mind when she smells his skin, she has no use for oxygen.

He presses against her like the wind presses the palm trees as a hurricane is approaching.

He is love vaporized.
He is passion visualized
He is her pulse in high definition

His exhale leaves a puzzle on her neck
One piece at a time
And he always retreats before she can see the full picture

She woke up in the middle of the road to the sunrise kissing her back
But not him
Maybe tomorrow she’ll take back her bed

Thursday, December 30, 2010

#8. One Day I'll Have The Pirate Sword

8. One Day I'll Have The Pirate Sword

Today I opened my childhood with a key from a stranger.
Large and small at the same time, the door was impossible to see with my eyes open.
The key was made from a Barbie dolls leg and cried like a dolphin when I turned it.
My mothers voice rippled through my blood like a flat rock being spiked across a pond.
She’s singing to me of roses and mittens, oh,
Of all of her favorite things.
Behind her my father picks up a stone and shows my little brother how to whip it at just the right angle.
My kid brother walks to the edge of the wet world and pick up a smooth flyer, he glances over his shoulder at me, and my heart purrs
The way my first kitten did after she chewed on my ring finger the day we brought her home.
He launches the stone and it soars towards the water and sinks.
My father frowns.
He could never see.
Why couldn’t he see?
Why couldn’t he see when my brother’s toss hit the liquid lake it became a monstrous sailing sting ray
It soared through the water like a shooting star over my hammock that night we swore we saw new life in the sky.
Brown paper packages tied up with string…
My mother consoles the frustrated 5yr old.
My father takes a walk
A pink kickball whizzes over my head and I throw it back.
“Out! You’re up Ashley!”
It’s my turn to kick and I’m nervous again. What if Danny sees me mess up?
What if I fall down and everyone laughs?
The pitch, the kick, the pop up, out.
The smile on my bullies face turns into daggers hanging from a line.
Laugh all you want.
Laugh your blades dull.
Laugh all you want you pirate. … you pirate?
I have long black hair and a small dagger and … a hook!
My little brother comes flying into view from the distance, Peter Pan!
Why does he have my sword?
“They’re my toys,” he says with that grin of his, “I want the big sword, that way I will beat you Captain Hook!”
I feel myself yelling to Mom that it’s not fair but it’s too late, he’s snatched my dagger and all I’m left with is my hook.
“Where is my crew? Where are my men? Bad Form!” I cry.
Peter Pan smiles.
“Hook is a codfish, a codfish, a codfish.”
I’m swimming.
I’m a mermaid.
We’re in a pool and the only person I trusted is swimming next to me. We have dinglehoppers in our grips and we’re looking for coins that her mother threw down into the pool to collect on our respective sides.
They seem to be all discovered when she says it’s time to count and see who wins and gets to be Ariel, but I see something shining at the bottom.
My eyes glow bright red from the chlorine and down I dive to the depths of the greatest sea in the world, faster and faster through seaweed, past fish and around coral to get to the shimmery shiny little circle.
I place my hand on it and it speaks.
“You’re too big! And I’m locked!”
Not to worry, I always carry an extra DRINK ME bottle around with me; I reach into my fins and guzzle the nectar of my imagination
It tastes like a ½-melted creamsicle flavored Flintstones push-pop.
The knob opens his jaws and sucks me into an English garden.
If God had a dandelion clock that was filled with white roses instead of seeds, he must have made a wonderful wish and blew them down on this land.
I’m beaming and I bound through the burly beautiful bushes and buttery bewitching botanicals.
Music floats into my eardrums like a 1-legged Barbie floats in the birdbath.
Under it’s spell I follow through the garden until I’m walking up a woman’s back.
Her dress is the rose bed and they’re all slowly turning red.
“Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens…”
She’s standing up, get off! Please get down, Alice! Wake up! Please!
Wake up.

It’s Christmas morning.
I’m in my childhood room.
My mother is standing over me with coffee.
She’s worried she doesn’t have enough soy creamer and raw sugar for me.
I’m worried I don’t have enough words to tell her my dream.

#7. Telling You I Love You Should Be Easier.

#7. Telling You I Love You Should Be Easier.

I have a secret that no one knows except my chap-stick
My lips hide buried treasure

In the Caribbean lives a parrot named Fredrick
He’s the greeter at a beach bar where sunsets will break your heart
He will direct you to where the map is.
But be careful, he is also in charge of telling patrons where the bathroom is.
Make sure you are clear…

He’ll tell you to take the farmers road east, up into the mountain.
He’ll say look for which way the rainwater drains and where the lizards sunbathe

You may want to leave your sense of direction with him
I promise he’ll take good care of it

You mustn’t leave until the sun drops low and the flash of green squeezes your pupils into ripe star fruits.

The dirt road winds into the rainforest the way my heart winds when I hear my fathers laugh

If you feel completely lost you’re going the right way
You’ll pass a home that treats cows like family
A house made out of leaves
A hog cemetery for drunken pigs
And slide around a cliff side with views that would murder the cynic in you.

When you come to the T in the road on the East side of the night
Where the stars make arrows pointing away from you in every direction
Teasing you to follow them to a different time on earth
And the breeze smells the moment the rain stops on an empty beach, park.

Walk back from where you just came and hang a right under the divi divi tree
If the humidity weights heavy on your skin like the sweat from the first time you gave an orgasm to someone you loved, look down.
If not, you are too young to be looking for the map to my secret.
The path should sparkle with crushed sea air from thousands of years of pirates singing and swinging from the masts of ships darting about the ocean aimlessly looking for trouble.
Leap over the constellations of shells until you come to a chorus line of stubborn bamboo,
Sit down.
Sit deep.
Sit still.
Anchor your hips to the earth.
Wait until the moon is directly over your skull
Her beams will illuminate a map painted on the bamboo with Dr. Pepper flavored Chap-Stick.
Copy it down and inhale the 23 flavors of my mouth.
You are on your way to resting within the pleats of my smile’s coat
I yearn for your success and I bid you god speed.